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Dear visitors!

We want to invite You to the 20th International Lada Niva Meeting in 2018!

The meeting will be at the weekend from the 27th July till the 29th July on the terrain from the Fusten Forest in Fürstenau, in the north of Münster near the boarder to the Netherlands.

Here You find all information and the and formalities for the registrationfor this meeting (status: 24th July 2018)


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(planned and briefly summarized - changes in the program are always reserved!)

  • Friday:
    • arrival
    • remaining constructions and preparations
    • free off-road driving possible from 9:00 to 17:00
    • cozy finish
  •  Saturday:
    • 08:00 breakfast in the marquee
    • from 9:00 to 17:00 free off-road driving possible
    • 10:00 official greeting from the LADA-NIVA-IG Deutschland and guests
    • 12:00 - 15:00 trial for original Nivas and modified Nivas (Helmet compulsory! You have to bring your own helmet!)
    • 19:00 award ceremony and tombola
    • 21:00 campfire
  • Sunday:
    • 08:00 breakfast in the marquee
    • then individual departure possibility
    • from 10:00 dismantling
    • from 9:00 to 17:00 free off-road driving possible

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The 20th International Lada Niva Meeting 2018 will take place this time on the grounds of the Fursten Forest. This is northwest of Osnabrück and between the A31 and A1 motorways.The 20th International Lada Niva Meeting 2018 will take place this time on the grounds of the Fursten Forest. This is northwest of Osnabrück and between the A31 and A1 motorways.
For a better overview of the entire area and the leisure activities offered there, refer to the operator page and the park plan.




On-site conditions regarding our meeting:

  • Use of the company-owned parking lot as a campsite and lounge area over the entire weekend.
  • Use of the showers / toilets / changing rooms is possible at the directly adjoining sports hall or at the correct campsite approx. 500 m away (shooting lanes).
  • 2 power distribution towers with multiple connections available. But a complete supply can not be guaranteed.
  • There are dining facilities throughout the premises (UFFZ and Forest Lounge), but we plan to offer even a small catering directly on the sports field, see registration form.
  • Marquee with benches for bad weather or too much sun will be also built.
  • Access to the site / sports field is as follows:
    • From 8:30 am to 9:00 pm (Friday) or until 6:00 pm (Saturday) via the main entrance of the site.
    • Before or after, the side entrance is to be used. For this, turn left into the street in front of the UFFZ restaurant in front of the main entrance, and you will automatically come to the side entrance.
  • Barbecue with charcoal / gas is allowed in compliance with safety regulations (water / fire extinguishers, etc.).

Other activities such as quad biking must then be booked separately and independently.

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  • Pre-registrations are possible until 10.07.2018!!! After that, only registrations are possible on site!
    (By on-site registration our own catering can not be guaranteed!!!)
  • Participation fees have to be paid in advance or paid in cash (in EURO)!
  • Booking options and prices can be found in the PDF registration form under Download.
  • Waiver of liability, consent to the publication of image and video as well as the rules of the site operator must be thoroughly read and followed accordingly. Everything can be found in the PDF registration form.
  • The vehicles must be registered and with a valid door at the time of the meeting! A copy of the insurance certificate for the vehicle must be carried along and, if necessary, presented to the security personnel on request!
  • For unauthorized vehicles, a sports insurance must be taken out, which can be concluded with the site operator on site. This costs 40 € for one year and includes participation in 10 events within the EU.
  • Those who prefer camping instead of the existing accommodations or surrounding hotels / guesthouses / holiday rooms, please book them independently and pay separately from the participation fees at the respective operators.

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The registration takes place this year exclusively via PDF form see Downloads. Please download the form first ("save target as ..." or similar via the right mouse button) and do not open it in the browser (with a single click), as there were always problems.

The form can be sent back in 3 ways:

  1. filled out directly on the PC and saved (!) / "printed as a new PDF" and sending back per email
  2. printed out, filled out by handwriting, scan or take photos of all 8 pages and sending back per email
  3. printed out, filled out by handwriting and sending back per shipping to the adress in the form

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Complete registration to fill out and sending back (status from the 06.06.2018)

Site plan and usage regulations of the site operator Download


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